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The Alaska Tribal Administrators Association provides support for Alaska’s most challenging position: the Alaska Tribal Administrator. We accomplish this by first recognizing the Tribal Administrator as a professional who holds an essential position in Alaska’s Tribal Governments, providing direct service to their respective community. 

ATAA Members are our Partners and provide input, recommendation and participate in administrative priorities through our annual resolution process.


ATAA Benefits meet the year-round needs of Alaska's Tribal Administrators. Tribal Administration Services are offered to Members at a reduced rate and each service provider is vetted by the ATAA Board to ensure the timeframe for delivery and cost is appropriate for the service provided. Annual Membership includes:

Resolutions/Administrative Priorities. ATAA's annual priorities are developed in part by the resolutions passed during the Annual Symposium each April. These priorities are communicated with Alaska's representatives to further advocate for the needs of tribal administration.  

Manual for Tribal Administration. Members receive our Manual for Tribal Administration that includes monthly content training and annual updates.

ATAA Annual Symposium. Membership includes two tickets to the ATAA Annual Symposium held each year in April. A $1,580 savings.

Events.  Monthly trainings, events, and webinars.    


Information/News. Policies and regular updates on information and legislation critical to Tribal Administration in Alaska. Templates for standard Tribal administration practices and policies.  


Relationships. A one-on-one relationship with our Executive Director, networking with other Tribal Administrators, content experts and service providers. Internship opportunities.


Support. Call during normal business hours for technical support on accounting, strategic planning, reporting, grant management, human resources, administrator to council relationship build, and referrals for our vetted contractor list.    

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