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Why Membership/Partnership?

One of the biggest challenges facing Tribal Administrators today is the state of their various management systems. The lack of networking and tailored training opportunities plays a big part. Like the rest of us, Tribal Administrators may have strengths in one or two fields but need help in other equally vital areas such as finance, audit management, human resources management, grant writing and administration, project and program management and contracting. 


Many Tribal Administrators are forced to manage in ‘crisis mode’.  Because of this, they cannot devote their indispensable skills toward planning for and addressing social ills that plague Alaska Natives and villages.  In many communities across the state, crisis management is the norm rather than the exception. Having strong, documented structures will free them to plan and minimizes turmoil when there is turnover which is a frequent event for Tribal governments and their staff. 


Our Member/Partners have a history being of involved with Alaskans, tribal governments and tribal organizations, and have demonstrated support for Alaska in general. ATAA Member/Partners have expertise and financial resources to offer. Alaskan Tribal Administrators everywhere will benefit greatly from your generosity and we recognize that stronger Tribal governments will result in stronger people leading to stronger administration, governance and community well-being.

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